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Netflix and chill just got a whole lot cheaper for Africa

Our people have a saying, when two elephants fight, the grass suffers. This is indisputable. Six tons of hard muscle and bones will do a cruel number on any lawn, no matter how stubborn the grass is—it just has to bow down to the ancestors.

But what happens when the elephants in question are not two, but three of the biggest Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) platforms in Africa!

Well, the grass just got greener on the Netflix side of town.

Instagram launches Reels ads in Sub-Saharan Africa

Imagine scrolling through Reels of your favorite celebrities trying—and most times failing—to dance amapiano, then boom: an ad pops up.

Well, heads up Africa! You’re going to be seeing a lot of that soon, because Facebook’s rolling out a sizzling new update, Reels ads, to help businesses widen their audience reach.

Last year Instagram released Reels, a TikTok clone, to counter TikTok’s growing domination of the short-form video space. Already, TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times ac

Twitter is testing Reddit-ish upvote and downvote buttons on iOS devices

Trust Twitter to always roll up with a new update. Last week it was killing Twitter Fleets, and adding captions to voice tweets on iOS devices. Today Twitter is testing out upvote and downvote buttons for replies to tweets.

The company announced yesterday that a select group of iOS users may receive different upvote or downvotes options on their Twitter app. The buttons may appear as the usual heart icon and a new down arrow, a thumbs up and a thumbs down icon, or up and down arrows similar to